The name Verotto, comes from the combination of "Veronese" and "Alioto," two families which came together in San Francisco, known for their contributions to both politics and the culinary arts. The owners of the winery are Joe Alioto Veronese, Julie Gilman Veronese and their son Gian-Paolo "Avgvstvs" Alioto Veronese. Joe's father Adolfo Veronese came to the United States from Padova, Italy (Veneto) as a teenager and worked his way through the restaurant business as busboy to owner and operator of several successful restaurants including Osteria Romana (a corner-stone to the marina districts "Traingle"), and Enrico's in Fairfax and Tiburon. Joe's mother, Angela Alioto, named "the Heart of San Francisco" in an early campaign for political office continues to fight for the poor, the homeless and the under represented. Exposed to the importance of food, wine, family and the Italian culture, Joe maintains his roots with frequent trips to Italy where he studies wine making techniques young and old.

Verotto has been producing wines since 2003 when it sourced its Pinot Noir grapes from its own estate in the world renown region of Carneros, Sonoma County. The hot days and cool nights of the Carneros appellation provide an ideal climate for the stressed maturation of our vines. The clay soils allow natural water storage throughout the dry summers with a limited impact on existing water resources. Verotto is committed to the production of great wines, while preserving the natural environment and giving back to the soil. Bringing the best wine to market involves putting your feet in the soil several times a week, knowing your varietal, and allowing for the best environment for its natural flavors and aromas to emerge. Verotto celebrates the strengths of each harvest by releasing vintages on a timetable dictated by the grape, not the market.

While Verotto made wine in 2003, we used this harvest to get to know the varietal and specific clone, to examine its best attributes and to study its temperament. While the 2003 production is not for sale, if you see it on a dinner table at a dinner party, don' t miss out on the opportunity. (See the wine page for details regarding each vintage.)

Verotto goes to great lengths to make sure you get a great product. Please return the favor by drinking our product in the correct glass. The correct glass is the key to opening the greatest characteristics of a good wine. The best glass will allow the greatest exposed surface area at the top of the wine with a smaller opening of the glass to capture the aromas as they leave the surface of the wine and enter your senses. Check out Riedel's Vitis.

From our vines to your glass, we hope you enjoy our wines with a mixture of great food, friends, family, and life's politics.